Monday, April 14, 2008

Govt study: Youngsters just ain’t patriotic - Reply


Patriotism is not about the National song or Flying the Flag

Is a patriot "someone who loves his country" ?

Patriotism is one of those words which have been politically abused for a long time.It has become a badge like "Anti Rasuah" . Wearing it and still continue doing otherwise.

It has now become a word, anyone who says he does not like something about his country, might very easily be labeled as "unpatriotic". In worst case scenario he might even get hauled off to the jail on charges of treason or Sedation.

Patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels, who label every infamy and abomination as patriotism. Here are some of them:

Ruthlessly destroying the forests.

Promoting racism as a means of winning elections.

Cutting away at civil rights.

Lying about every question of the public good.

Poisoning the atmosphere with auto emission and pollution and acid rain.

Spending our wealth on "sure to fail" projects while our cities crumble, our infrastructure disintegrates .

Doing the justice only for the family & friends of People in Power.

Fooling the emotional public by pulling them into the illusion that they are benefiting (NEP) while the actual benefactors are the Cronies of the people in Power.

What they call patriotism down here stinks to high heaven of brainlessness, racism, greed, fear and hatred of the common people.

Patriotism, however, as a word, applies to true love of one's country and a code of conduct that echoes such love.

- Vineeth Menon @ Perspective

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