Monday, April 14, 2008

The Manchurian Candidate, the SIL, the Ketuanan, Nik Aziz, the Sultan, Exit Plan, etc.

By Little Bird

Well, many folks are unhappy that the Manchurian Candidate has come out in favour of the SIL. Let me tell you all this - I attended two ceramahs by the Manchurian Candidate and listened to him on CDs too. Never once did he criticise the SIL. Why?

There is a theory that both the MC and the SIL report to the same Handlers from across the Causeway. The MC is the preferred candidate if the BN lost; the SIL is the preferred candidate if the BN won. This is called hedging the bets. Matthias Chang's revelation (no matter how much people dislike it) that prominent lawyers used to attend dinners at the British High Commissioners house where they discussed who should or should not be elevated at the Bench also shows that there is much interest in our affairs from outsiders.

So be careful what you wish for.

On Saturday, Kelantan Crown Prince Tengku Faris Petra said that Malays had been coerced into giving non-Malays citizenship and the latter should therefore not seek equality or special treatment. This is referring to the Ketuanan Melayu. Are you all surprised? I am not. This is a Kelantan prince talking. Let me assure the reader that other Royals in Kelantan like Ku Li are not too far off from the Crown Prince. Immediately after the election results, Ku Li said 'tiga negeri jatuh ke tangan China'. Ku Li has harped on ketuanan Melayu before. Kelantanese on the whole are more "parochial" than others. Hence, statements like these.

The issue here is not so much what was said but who said it. The Royalty in Malaysia are Constitutional Monarchs. Among other things, they serve to protect ALL the rakyat equally - including Malays, non-Malays, etc., except the Orang Asli. The Orang Asli have somehow never accepted this concept called the Malay Sultanates. They are free spirits who have roamed the woods for ages. Tell them about the 'Duli Yang Maha Mulia' and they will go 'Huh?'

But the Royals are supposed to be the padre or patrons of all Malaysians. The Crown Prince of Kelantan is making it plain that in his domain a non-Malay is possibly less than a Malay. A non-Malay subject is not equal to a Malay subject. This is what the Tuanku is saying. Those who are fond of saying Daulat Tuanku may want to take note of this carefully.

This is why I cannot agree with any interference by the Royals in the appointment of the MBs. It is simply not right. I cannot agree more that the actions of the Sultan in Terengganu has seriously dented Badawi but n'theless (also the Perak Royals did not waive the requirement for a Malay MB) when the majority vote has been cast by the people, no one should interfere with the due process of democracy. I believe a dangerous trend has been set. What if one day the King does not agree to the PM or if the PM elect is a Chinese or Indian? So be careful what you wish for.

Over in the other corner in Kelantan, Tok Guru Nik Aziz Nik Mat has come out saying that there is no need for any potential converts to tell their families that they are converting to Islam. Nik Aziz was replying to the statement that converts would be required to inform their families first before any conversion. There is good logic in having people tell their families. It avoids the confusions that have arisen. It also gives a chance to the spouses to opt for a divorce in case one of them wants to convert to Islam. But Nik Aziz says there is no need to inform your family. He wants to continue with the body-snatching and kidnapping young children. Again, be careful what you wish for.

Exit Plan for Badawi: OK here is an exit plan for Badawi. It depends on Shah Hakim Zain who is the CEO of Scomi. Scomi has tons of things to hide. There is also the little, itsy bitsy tiny issue of BSA Tahir, the arms dealer from Ceylon who is on the way to become the longest serving prisoner locked up under the ISA. Can anyone please help to protest or complain about this forgotten Prisoner of Zenda?

Isn’t there anyone among the NGOs, the SUARAMs, the Transparency International, the SUHAKAMs, etc., who can exert some pressure to get this Prisoner of Zenda released? Otherwise BSA Tahir is going to rot and die in jail and no one will know about it.

Mr Tahir holds the key to the nuclear parts for Libya mystery. If Badawi steps down, Scomi will unwind. BSA Tahir will be released from ISA. Tahir can then spill the beans on how much Badawi really knew about the nuclear parts for Libya caper.

So, first UMNO must find a way to solve this thorny issue of BSA Tahir for Badawi. 'See Four' comes to mind. I hope Mr Tahir is careful when he goes to the bathroom from now until the day Badawi steps down. Many accidents can happen in the bathroom.

I believe this is a main reason why Badawi still refuses to let go. Also a few other things like the ECM-Libra Avenue Capital thing, the Patrick Badawi connection and so on. This is also the same reason why Badawi needs to be kicked out now. The longer he stays around, the more time the SIL has to cut deals, yes even with the MC. This is politics. Anything goes.

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